World's first scale-up accelerator in food, Agriculture & Social entrepreneurship


World's first scale-up accelerator in food, Agriculture & Social entrepreneurship

What is FoodFutureco?

FoodFutureCo is a Scale-Up Accelerator for established yet small organizations (on track to grossing more than $1 million annually) that are providing unique products and solutions across our food system. Our focus areas include: consumer products, local food, plant-based food, sustainable seafood, ag tech, food tech and food waste.

  • We support companies with scale-up business models through consulting, global distribution, financing, operation scaling, buyer meetings and financial exit.

  • We partner with advisors and mentors that not only provide expertise, but support impact, mission, and setting cultural trends. Four to six companies will be selected for each cohort cycle, which runs for 4 months.

  • Cohort companies will receive in-kind value of up to $100k per company.


For today’s companies, crossing the chasm from visionaries (early adopters) to pragmatists (early majority), is the hardest hurdle in the product adoption lifecycle.
— Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey A. Moore

What People Are Saying About Us

The team is the most important part of any successful start-up. FoodFutureCo becoming part of our team gave us an advantage with customers, investors, and strategic partners. They grew our team’s industry expertise and mentor network, all while giving us a bigger voice in the good food movement.
— Patrick Mateer, Founder & CEO of Seal the Seasons
The FoodFutureCo accelerator came at a time in our business trajectory where we needed to revision, regroup and find our spark again. The program really covered all the bases: branding, marketing, management, messaging, culture, structure, product offering, financials and perhaps most importantly founder synergy. We got so much out of our time and are on a new path as a result.
— Willow and Mara, CEO and COO Co-Founders of Ozuké
Eugene, Founder & CEO of Sophie's Kitchen

Eugene, Founder & CEO of Sophie's Kitchen

Tom, Founder & CEO of 4P Foods

Tom, Founder & CEO of 4P Foods

When I started the program I thought of Sophie’s Kitchen as a vegan seafood company, however through FoodFutureCo’s program and mentorship, I’ve realized that my vision is so much greater. Sophie’s Kitchen has evolved to be a plant-tech innovation company to address the growing segment of flexitarians looking for plant-based products. At the same time, the FoodFutureCo program allowed me to speak to investors with a new confidence because I saw just how tangible our strategy and vision are.
— Eugene, Founder & CEO of Sophie's Kitchen
The FoodFutureCo program has been one of the most intense periods of my professional life. The program helped me to think more deeply about my business model and stretch my vision. I was able to better articulate my goals for 4P Foods and the impact we seek. I couldn’t have done that without FoodFutureCo.

Since the program has come to an end, I find myself more empowered to be part of the good food movement than ever before. FoodFutureCo’s guidance and inspiration has changed me, my business, and the impact I hope to make.
— Tom, Founder & CEO 4P Foods


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