Chef James Corwell is one of 69 American Certified Master Chefs and is the inventor and founder of Tomato Sushi. With over 30 years of diversified experience as an Executive Chef, and also training chefs in leading establishments around the country, Chef Corwell is a highly experienced leader in food innovation and the assimilation of emerging culinary trends within the restaurant and club industry. James has a love for writing and lecturing on the origins and history of food, but these days, when he is not immersed in the professional kitchen, his passion and focus is engaging chefs and industry leaders about the future of food, food sustainability, and conscious capitalism in regards to the food industry. He has spoken in the last year at The James Beard Foundation, Cornell University’s Ivy League Vegan Conference, and the American Culinary Foundation, to name a few. James is a food leader who is dedicated to changing how we think about food on a global level.