4P Foods

4P Foods is evolving the local food hub model and has delivered over 40,000 bags of food from over 130 local farms to over 250 zip codes in the DC Metro area.  4P Foods is expected to reach $1.1MM in top-line sales with nearly 50% gross margin for 2016 and nearing break-even in just under 3 years.



eFowl is helping America’s traditional and family farms optimize their income by providing a platform that makes it easy to transact, market, and educate the growing community of farms and hobbyists looking for heritage breed fowl and eggs. Having facilitated over 65,000 transactions representing approximately 200 different breeds since they launched, eFowl is poised to scale and capture the growing demand for heritage.


Ozuké was founded in 2012 in Boulder, Colorado by Mara and Willow King. The founders bring the passion of a world traveling chef and the savvy of a marketing maven to this expanding probiotic food and beverage company.  They have achieved 60% average growth year over year in a fast growing category, 50% margins across all SKUs and are currently distributed in 600 doors nationally. Retailers include Whole Foods, Natural Grocers and Kroger  with distribution through UNFI, KeHE and DPI.  In 2018, they will launch a sparkling probiotic beverage with all the benefits found in other functional popular beverages such as kombucha and kefir, but without the added sugar.  With the launch of the beverages and continued growth of the core product line, Ozuké will be poised to capture its' share of the $9Bn probiotic market opportunity.

Seal the Seasons

Currently local produce is only available 4-6 weeks a year. Seal the Seasons partners with family farms to make locally grown frozen food available 365 days a year, helping to bridge the gap of consumers seeking locally grown food.  The Seal the Seasons brand creates a new frozen market for rural farms, reduces food miles and carbon emissions, and provides transparency for consumers on where their food comes from.  With over $500k in revenues within its first year, 550+ doors and an additional 350+ locations coming online in July 2017, STS will have a footprint

Jewels of the Forest

Jewels Of The Forest’s mission is to feed the world one mushroom at a time. Their united passion for promoting mushrooms as a medicine, food source and environmental rebuilder drives the company forward. Jewels Of The Forest currently produce the first vegan mushroom jerky to hit the shelves, which in turn is creating a whole new market industry in the vegan jerky sector. Jewels Of The Forest is proud to control all means of production. They are currently in the process of opening a new production facility and retail store in a high traffic complex in Sebastopol, CA.

Zoni Food

Zoni Foods is reinventing cooking to make it easy for everyone to eat healthy, plant-based food. Zoni does this by making frozen plant-based stovetop meal kits that go from freezer to plate in 10 minutes. Each of our kits contains one serving of minimally-processed plant proteins, starches and a unique sauce that cook on the stove in one pan. They are currently manufacturing and selling 3 SKUs, one being spiralized carrot and zucchini noodles with a cashew coconut curry sauce and spiced chickpeas. Zoni sells to natural food stores and independent stores in Connecticut with the goal of expanding to natural food store chains, grocery store chains and online B2C platforms throughout urban areas in the U.S.


PowerGrows mission is to help family farmers mitigate risk, deliver healthy local produce and build a sustainable business through our innovative Greenhouse as a Service, delivering clean-energy powered, zero-waste modular farms and high-tech glass greenhouses with minimal capital investment by the farmer.

Harvest Returns

Harvest Returns is an online equity crowdfunding platform designed specifically for investing in the agriculture industry. The platform provides investors with streamlined access to attractive, low-risk private investment opportunities & minimizes barriers to entry. It offers a new way to raise capital for farmers, ranchers, and landowners


ToMarket is the ordering platform that connects purveyors of local edible goods directly to restaurants and chefs that need them the most. ToMarket is a simple online network for sourcing and selling the highest quality edible goods.

Sasya Foods

Sasya Foods makes Indian food less intimidating by removing the primary barrier of extensive preparation and make it fun and easy to consume. Their core mission is to bring the richness and versatility of Indian flavors to everyday snacks: sustainably and responsibly.