Mr. Shen has been a serial entrepreneur since the 1990s, co-founding B&B Media, and founding VFinity among other ventures. Shen’s portfolio of good food and sustainable agriculture holdings includes over 50 investments in 40 companies and continues to grow. His other social entrepreneurship portfolio includes companies such as WeFunder.  His thesis of cultivating tasty, sustainable, healthy, accessible, and affordable food and agriculture businesses is explained in his TEDx Talk in addition to numerous speeches at Fancy Food Show, Esca Bona, Vitagora, Concordia, James Beard Foundation, Food Tank, Seed to Chips, Harvard Business School, BevNet, etc. The companies Shen has founded or co-founded have had numerous financial exits including VFinity, DCF, B&B Media, and GA Media.  Two other financial exits came from his venture investments.  He works with social entrepreneurs to build financially sustainable and impactful businesses.  

Mr. Shen’s work has been profiled by major media around the world in several languages by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, ABC, CNN, BBC, CBS, NHK, TVB, The Guardian, Le Monde, Fortune, among others. He is an alumnus of Peking University, Brandeis University where he did his undergraduate work in botany and genetics, Boston University where he completed his graduate studies, and Harvard University.  He has lectured at over 200 universities, colleges, and conferences, and continues to lecture across the US and globally.

Shen Tong is on Omnicom's sparks&honey Influencer Advisory Board, in addition to serving on boards and advisory boards for the Good Food InstituteFood Tank, and Poets & Writers, and as a member of NEXUS Global Summit. He founded FOOD-X in 2014. He also served as a venture partner of SOSV, a global multi-stage venture capital fund, after acting as general partner.  Shen is a long time social activist beginning with his student protest days at Tiananmen in 1989.  He was actively involved in the 2011 Occupy Wall Street movement and continues to advocate for other human rights movements and social justice causes.  His book Almost a Revolution has been in print since its first edition in 1990 and continues to be used widely among Western colleges and in high school curriculums.  He is a film buff, avid traveler, foodie, writer and poet, and father of three children living in New York.