+ How is FoodFutureCo different from other accelerators?

Unlike traditional accelerators we do not work with start-ups, rather we work with founders and companies that have some proof of concept to "scale-up" to the next stage of growth. Additionally, we work with mission-oriented companies across the food ecosystem.

+ What types of companies does FoodFutureCo work with?

We help impactful companies on track to grossing more than $1MM annual sales with hyper scaling potential in consumer products, online marketplace solutions, SaaS platforms, food hubs, supply chain solutions, ag tech and food tech.

+ Do I have to relocate to New York to work with FoodFutureCo?

No. We understand that you are busy growing your business. While we are based in New York, we work with companies worldwide, and are able to provide support wherever you are located. Face to face meetings, and participation in our event series and networking opportunities are highly concentrated in NYC, we encourage your presence from time to time.

+ Does it cost money to participate in the FoodFutureCo program?

In exchange for our services we will ask for between 4-8% equity.

+ What are the application timelines?

We are accept applications on a rolling basis. You can access the full application here: www.f6s.com/ffcscale-upaccelerator2017.

Will there be other companies like mine in your program?

FoodFutureCo does not intend to work with companies that compete directly in any given cohort. There may be overlap between cohorts, but we will make every effort possible to prioritize our existing portfolio companies from earlier cohort in our selection process to avoid direct competition.

+ How long does the FoodFutureCo Program last?

The duration of the program will be approximately 4 months.

+ How often does the program run?

The program will run 2 times per year.

+ Will FoodFutureCo sign an NDA?

No. Please understand that we see many companies everyday and we will not be able to sign an NDA. All of your information will be maintained as confidential by the FoodFuture teamCo. Regardless, feel free to disclose only the information you feel comfortable sharing with us.

+ Does FoodFutureCo work with international companies?

Yes, we work with companies worldwide.

+ How do you decide which companies to work with?

FoodFutureCo works with driven, open-minded entrepreneurs who are passionate about their businesses. While mission focus is not an requirement, our extensive network and areas of deep expertise will be uniquely helping impact companies and solutions. Our internal selection criteria is based on the expertise of our seasoned selection panel. That said, we have a preference for companies who are ready to raise their Series A round within one year, or at an equivalent stage with organic growth.

+ What do we look for in FoodFutureCo Mentors?

We look for respected experts and innovators in their field who are committed to sharing their time and guidance to build a supportive community for our companies.

For additional questions, please feel free to email info@foodfuture.co